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Life membership for two members is available.

Contact directly to any directors regarding membership. Annual membership fees is rupees 500 for a couple. There are total 5 cultural programs in a year. Special program for women. All the programs are conducted in a spacious hall of Nagpur. Members can also participate in cultural events. At the end of the year, every member will get souvenir in the family get together function. Have anybody given you opportunity like this? Certainly not!



‘Mahasurya’ is the Mega play on the life and mission of Dr B.R. Ambetkar. Dr B.R Ambetkar the architect of Indian constitution. His legacy as a socio-political reformer had a deep effect on Modern India. He fought untiringly for the downtrodden. He tried to turn the wheel of the law towards social justice for all. He raised his voice against the social evils like untouchability and caste in Brahmanical Hindu society. His battle for the humanity, equality, fraternity, for downtrodden is the central theme of the Mega play ‘Mahasurya.’ This Mega play revolves around the life and mission of Dr B.R Ambetkar. To know more about it we must be aware of inhuman condition which the untouchables went through in the past. This Mega play begins with the miserable life of the untouchable, British regiments. In that regiment Ramaji Maloji sapkal, father of Bhima was working. He had a strong desire to educate Bhima. This play reveals Dr B.R. Ambetkar’s struggle for basic human rights, his journey to abroad for education, early marriage. Some scenes between his wife Ramai and Dr B.R. Ambetkar is really very touching. This play elaborate his fights for human rights in various events like Chavadar tank movements burning of Manuamruti, Kalaram temple movement, Poona pact, Conversion to Buddhism at holy Deekshabhumi. This play includes total 45 scenes on the life of Dr B.R. Ambetkar. This Mega play performs on a 3 big stages by around 150 artists in a glorious way with melodious songs, excellent choreography; three backstage screens that gives authentic look to every scene. Watching this mega play is an unforgetful experience.


165, महालक्ष्मी चोक्स कॉलनी, कामठी रोड नागपूर 14


+91 99230 86515