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Life membership for two members is available.

Contact directly to any directors regarding membership. Annual membership fees is rupees 500 for a couple. There are total 5 cultural programs in a year. Special program for women. All the programs are conducted in a spacious hall of Nagpur. Members can also participate in cultural events. At the end of the year, every member will get souvenir in the family get together function. Have anybody given you opportunity like this? Certainly not!

सम्यक ची स्थापना


14 अक्टूबर 1999 मधे सम्यक थिएटर अस्तित्त्वात आले. तळागळातील, झोपडपट्टयांमधील कष्टकरी वर्गामध्ये बरीच गुणी कलावंत असतात. पण हा घटक र्थिक दुर्बळ असून ‘हातावर आणुन पानावर खाणे’ एवढाच त्यांच्या जगण्याचा आवाका असतो. त्यांच्या बाहेर समाजविचार करू शकत नाही. त्यामुळे या समाजातील मुला-मुलीच्या कलागुणांना वाव कसा मिळेल ? सम्यकने याच तळागळातील मुला-मुलीच्या सुप्त लागुणांच्या आविष्कारासाठी एक मंच उपल्ब्ध करून दिला. त्याद्वारे या पाच वर्षात शेकडो कलावंत आपली अभिव्यक्ती साकार करू शकले. यात सामान्य कुटुम्बातील मुलांसोबतच अनाथ बालकांचाही समावेश आहे. Samyak theatre was established on 14th October 1999. Many talented and brilliant artists are available in the society but because of the poor economic condition and prejudice of upper cast people, they could not get an opportunity in the field of performing art and drama. To overcome these obstacles in the field of performing art the idea of Samyak theatre came forward. Samyak theatre extended help to our artists to express their talent on stage. This is one of its kind social and cultural organizations in Nagpur (Maharashtra) who spread philosophy of Dr Ambedkar, fraternity, brotherhood, compassion of Lord Buddha through performing arts since 1999.


165, महालक्ष्मी चोक्स कॉलनी, कामठी रोड नागपूर 14


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